Introducing Ro-Charge, another advance technology solution from Royole. Ro-Charge is a unique fast-charging solution that can boost the charging speed of Royole's Flexible+ smart devices, and act as a fast-charging solution for other electronic devices in numerous industries. Ro-Charge technology raises the charging current above 5A while preventing the device from overheating. Ro-Charge technology includes additional safety measures to protect devices while charging.

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Principles of Ro-Charge Technology

Ro-Charge is different than competing fast-charging technologies that only increase charging voltage to achieve results. Ro-Charge controls the charging current, dynamically, to achieve its fast-charging performance while continuously monitoring the battery, adjusting the charging current every second. This provides a seamless synchronization between the charger and the battery.

Ro-Charge fast-charging technology offers advantages in charging speed, safety measures, heat dissipation, and more when compared with other charging technologies in the market. Ro-Charge delivers up to 20% more battery capacity during the first 5 minutes of charging, compared to the similar fast-charging technologies. And, Ro-Charge can charge approximately 83% of a 6000mAh battery in one hour! Typical fast-charging technologies achieve only 58%, and normal charging technologies only achieve 33%.

Advantages of Ro-Charge

Comparison of One-Hour Charging
  • 83%


    5A Peak Current, 6000mAh

  • 58%

    Fast Charging

    3.5A Peak Current, 6000mAh

  • 33%

    Normal Charging

    2A Peak Current, 6000mAh


Peak charging current can exceed 5A, with a charging power above 25W

  • Low-temperature

    Charging efficiency up to 94%;
    negligible heat during charging

  • Safe

    Multi-dimensional protection with
    integrated OVP, OCP, and OTP techniques

Devices and Industries Where Ro-Charge can be Utilized

  • Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • Smart Speakers

  • Drones

  • Robots

  • VR

  • Others

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