Compelling cinematic
experience with 3D giant curved screen

3D Movie Watching Experience

The unique Royole 3D algorithm delivers a compelling stereoscopic depth perception from any 3D movie source, giving you an immersive experience just like in a first-class movie theater. Moon also detects 3D sources automatically and adapts instantly to both 3D and 2D video content.

Side-by-Side 3D movie format

Red/Blue 3D movie format

Giant curved screen

Through the use of two high definition, active matrix organic light emitting diode displays (AMOLED), Moon provides 1080p resolution for an incredible giant screen experience.

Adjustable Screen for Optimal Viewing

From the expansive screen optimal for a theater experience or a scaled down screen for easy gaming information reference, Moon has your display size covered.

Advanced Dual 1080P Full HD AMOLED technology

Royole Moon was designed from the ground up to be the personal mobile theater delivering the most immersive movie watching experience possible by today's technology. To accomplish this, two 3000ppi AMOLED displays are used. This allows the Moon to recreate the smallest details.

Advanced Optical Design
Provides Hours of Comfort

We have taken comfort seriously. To provide a relaxed 2D or 3D movie watching experience or long video gaming session, we combined an ultra-high resolution picture with a fast image response rate. This design was implemented specifically to reduce eye strain so you can concentrate on your movie or your high score.

No Need for Prescription Glasses

Whether you wear corrective lenses or not, the Moon adjusts to each of your eyes individually. With independent optics, each eye may be adjusted from -7.0D nearsightedness to +2.0D farsightedness.

10000:1 High Contrast Ratio

Thanks to the advanced AMOLED technology, Moon has an ultra-high contrast ratio of 10,000:1. The high dynamic range within the image ensures an accurate color representation, allowing you to experience your favorite movies as they were meant to be seen .

Contrast ratio

Fast Image Response Time

Moon boasts a blistering fast image response rate of 0.01ms. The results are outstanding image and contrast quality without lagging or ghosting when watching a movie or playing your favorite game.

Image Response Time

The Most Relaxed Cinematic Experience

Every aspect of the Moon was designed based on research. Just one example, is that the display angle of the Moon is 10° below horizontal which is where our ergonomic studies place the optimal angle of vision.

Optimized viewing angle

Private and Immersive Viewing Experience

Moon's immersive experience requires that outside distractions be eliminated. The immersion mask gently surrounds the periphery of your eyes and blocks out most ambient light. It is removable if you desire to use the Moon in a public place, but in the safety of your home or airplane seat you the immersion mask lets you be alone with your movie!

Enclosed eye fitting

Light Blocking

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