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Instructions for Software Upgrade of RoWrite App

For your better using experience, Royole launched a new version of RoWrite app. The new app supports RoWrite Smart Writing Pad and RoWrite 2 Smart Writing Notebook.

The following instructions apply to the RoWrite app only, not the physical writing devices. The following “notebook” refers to the virtual electronic notebook in the app.

【Upgrade scattered notes to notebook management】
  • There are two categories of note type in the old version, respectively scattered single page notes and group notes with multi-pages. After the update, the scattered single page notes will be placed in a default notebook (the default notebook has a blue mark on the lower left corner); the multi-pages notes will be automatically grouped into an independent notebook and saved in the ‘all notebooks’ tab.

  • Click the name or the Setting on the lower left corner of the notebook icon and enter the edit mode to rename the notebook or change the notebook cover. (If the notebook is set as the default, it will appear in the first place on the home page)

  • The newly added notebooks will be placed after the default notebook, and other notebooks will be placed in sequential date order.

  • The synced offline writing notes will be placed in the default notebook (the first notebook on the home page), You can change the archive location in the app manually if needed.

【Notebook management】
  • You may select your frequently used notebooks and place them on the home page, and view them by sliding left or right (the home page can have up to 3 notebooks), and the other notebooks will be placed in the ‘all notebooks’ tab.

  • Enter the interface of ‘all notebooks’ (slide left or right on the home page to find ‘all notebooks’). On the page of ‘all notebooks’, click ‘manage’ to enter edit mode, and you can drag notebooks to rearrange the order (long press the cover of the notebook to enter into edit status swiftly).

【Important notes】
  • For important notes that you need to review later, you may choose to add labels and access to the notes conveniently from the homepage.

  • On the upper right corner of each page of RoWrite 2 paper notebook, there is a “keynote” box that you can mark. Once checked, the keynotes can be reviewed conveniently on the app as shown below:

  • When you review the ‘keynotes’ page in the app, you may click ‘more’ on the upper right corner to explore more functions and options, namely check and uncheck the ‘keynotes’, or move the page to other locations and more.

Click here to learn more about the operations and functions of the RoWrite app.