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How can I install applications like Netflix or Hulu onto my Moon?

You can download almost all the most popular APPS from the APKMirror including Netflix, YouTube TV version, VEVO and Hulu. To install applications onto your Moon, you will need to visit Once here, you can use the search function to insert the name of the app you are looking for (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, etc.). When the search is complete, start the download by clicking on the download button. Next, click the “Download APK” button on the final page, the browser will automatically start the download. Next, connect your Moon to your PC using a USB cable. The computer should recognize your Moon as a drive. Now, Copy and paste the downloaded apk file to this path: “This PC > Royole Moon > Internal Storage > Download”. From your Moon, navigate to File Explorer on the main page and open the download folder. Click the APK file in this folder, your Moon will start install the application. It takes about 10 – 20 seconds to complete the installation. After the installation, go back to the home page and you will now see the new icon for the app you chose. Click on the app and follow the instructions. Due to the different control schemes between standard smartphones and Moon, the navigation within the app may not be ideal. If this is the case, attaching a wired or wireless mouse via the micro USB on the Moon Box will increase navigation ease greatly.