Royole partnered in the next generation of smart sofas development
Industry: Smart Home
Royole technology: Fully Flexible Sensor
As a pioneer and global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products, our Client is always at the forefront of innovation and development of the most comprehensive range of products. The numerous brand, product design and overseas business awards, continue to enhance their vision to inspire well-being across all aspects of our customers lifestyle.
Control units in everyday elements, such as sofas, are traditionally built-in with a rigid, unfashionable, and complex touch panels. To bring panels to the new times brands are eager to search for elegant and user-friendly design form factors to meet the demands of the trendy generations.
Using Royole's proprietary fully flexible sensors, the Client developed a brand-new interface for the new generation of smart sofas which includes no-key pad for control unit, utilizing natural guestures to communicate with the products.
With Royole’s technology, the new gentle and natural touch of the control function has redefined the product interaction with humans. It makes the end product a much higher class feeling comparing to traditional keypad interface, adaptable to any style. Smart sofas are the next level to comfort living.
Facing the need to reduce carbon emissions amidst the global climate crisis, it is Royole’s responsibility as the leader in flexible electronics to leverage its proprietary flexible solutions to optimize equipment and production processes to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption in the flexible electronic industry. Working with upstream and downstream partners in the supply chain to build a green flexible electronics ecosystem, Royole will work together with its partners to promote the advancement of low-carbon flexible solutions. Meanwhile Royole will continue to penetrate the flexible electronic industry, leveraging the unique advantages and wide applicability of flexible electronics in different industries to offer enterprises and customers an even better service and experience while fulfilling the global promise of a low carbon, environmentally friendly world.