Royole leading the Red Carpet with Canvas of the Future
Industry: Fashion
Royole technology: Fully Flexible Displays
Our Client is a long leading glamorous French fashion house and luxury goods company founded in the 1800's.
As fashion continues to evolve, technology will play a pivotal role in creating more personalized experiences. Through the use of fully flexible displays and fully flexible sensors, fashion can be transformed to embrace new and futuristic looks with endless possibilities.
Our Client appropriately created the "Canvas of the Future" range which includes three iconic leather bags featuring Royole's patented flexible displays and flexible sensors, so users can show custom images and videos as well as controlling the displays using the flexible touchscreen interface.
The ground-breaking new range took over two years to produce. Created using innovative solutions from Royole, Canvas of the Future features several flexible digital screens that allow for instant and infinite personalisation.
Facing the need to reduce carbon emissions amidst the global climate crisis, it is Royole’s responsibility as the leader in flexible electronics to leverage its proprietary flexible solutions to optimize equipment and production processes to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption in the flexible electronic industry. Working with upstream and downstream partners in the supply chain to build a green flexible electronics ecosystem, Royole will work together with its partners to promote the advancement of low-carbon flexible solutions. Meanwhile Royole will continue to penetrate the flexible electronic industry, leveraging the unique advantages and wide applicability of flexible electronics in different industries to offer enterprises and customers an even better service and experience while fulfilling the global promise of a low carbon, environmentally friendly world.