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Basic Functions of RoWrite App

【Edit Notes】

To edit what is already on the note: click the edit icon on the bottom bar to edit the strokes with the customized pen tip, and you can select the color, width, and clarity.

To add/erase lines: Click the pen icon in the bottom of the note to enter the edit mode. A set of pen tips can be chosen. Click one of the tips will allow you to set the width and clarity of the strokes. Click the black dot at the bottom left opens up a color wheel to apply different colors to the strokes. You may remove ink from the note by pressing the eraser icon that is located on the bottom bar.

You can directly write or draw on the app with your finger. You can also edit in real time in your RoWrite Smart Writing Notebook. Anytime you enter edit mode and write on the tablet, the pen strokes will appear on the note in the form of the writing utensil, width, and transparency you selected on the app. The exception is the eraser which can only be used with finger within the app.


To zoom in the drawing, please use the pinch-to-zoom method. Also, to view different areas of the zoomed image, please use two fingers to drag the drawing to the area that needed to be viewed.


Click Identify to convert your notes to editable text. The system supports 12 languages currently.


Text remarks can be added to your notes by typing;


RoWrite 2 can record the process of the drawings and notes. The drawing and writing process can be recorded as an MP4 video

Play the strokes: when the drawing is finished, you can click ‘play button’ to view your drawing or writing process from a video.


You can merge 2 -10 notes to one note at a time.

Select the notes and click ‘merge’ to merge your notes.


If the notes are overlapped, please click the three dots on the upper right hand corner to find the ‘split button’. You can split the notes by dragging the progress bar. When you stop at the point you desire to split, please click the tick icon on the upper right hand corner. This will result in two still images placed in RoWrite app.

【Batch processing】

On the ‘note list’ Page, long press any single note to enter the batch processing state. Select the notes, to delete, move, share or merge them in batches.


You can share your work in TXT, PDF, JPEG or MP4 format.

Saving a video: click the save icon to save video file in image storage area of your mobile device. If your video is longer than 10 seconds, you can choose an option to save at original length or else to compress the entire video to a ten second file.

【Personal Mode】

You can choose ‘personal mode’ to guarantee data safety. The RoWrite Smart Writing Notebook can be used exclusively by the owner under ‘personal mode’.

Private Mode: Settings >RoWrite Device >Connection Mode > Personal Mode > Set the password

Public Mode: Settings >RoWrite Device >Connection Mode > Public Mode > Enter the password


1.Please make sure all the settings are completed when the device is connected to RoWrite app.

2.Only RoWrite series devices with firmware of V1.1 or later version support the ‘personal mode’.