3D Mobile Theater


Our goal with Moon was simple – create a 3D mobile theater that delivers a personal, immersive cinematic experience. Enjoy your content, your way with Moon's full HD 1080p-resolution displays, premium noise-cancelling headphones, a foldable design for ultimate portability, our own operating system, Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI, and USB adapters that can connect you to unlimited 3D and 2D movies, games, and music.

Compelling 3D experience

Dual 1080P displays

Giant Curved screen

Adjustable screen size

Active noise cancelling

Truly Mobile

Flexible electronics

Unlimited resources

Outstanding 3D Experience

We continue to push the state of the art in 2D and 3D content viewing. Royole's unique 3D algorithm enables Moon to create an incredibly compelling stereoscopic experience. Distinct 3D depth perception makes every movie more vivid than ever, creating an immersive movie theater experience.

Giant Curved Adjustable Display

Moon's giant curved screen provides an immersive experience no matter what content you are watching. For movies or videos, adjust the display to feel like you are in the middle row at the cinemas. For video games, scale down the screen so you can catch all the details to optimize your gaming experience.

Dual 1080P Full HD

Moon uses 2 advanced AMOLED displays to deliver your 3D or 2D content in Full HD 1080p resolution, with an ultra-high contrast ratio of 10000:1. The advanced displays deliver 3000PPI (pixels per inch) and a blistering fast image response rate of 0.01ms. The results are outstanding image and contrast quality without any lagging and ghosting when watching a movie or video, or playing your favorite game.

Active Noise
Cancelling Headphones

Sound is an integral part of anyone's cinematic or gaming experience and Moon's audio technology is second to none. Royole Moon incorporates active cancellation that reduces noise by 92% or 22dB. Airplane noise or other ambient distracting sounds fade away, leaving you to enjoy your movie.

Noise reduction efficiency

Noise reduction rate

Low-Distortion Audio

Moon is engineered to provide a wide frequency range to capture the lowest bass and the highest treble.

Reproduces every detail

Deep Bass Output

With a strong NdFeB core, Moon resonates extremely exquisite and strong bass to heighten the enjoyment of your music.

Truly Mobile

Moon's patented foldable design allows you to take your immersive cinematic experience with you. Whether in the air, on the road, or in a hotel; you can take your own personal theater anywhere you go.

Patented foldable design

Perfect travel companion

Performance Matched
Video & Audio

We believe that a mind blowing movie watching experience is all about transporting you to that other world. The integration of 3D Full HD screens with high-quality, noise-cancelling headphones is crucial in making you believe you are truly there.

Stream Your Content

Moon comes with built in Wi-Fi to connect with most online streaming services. Connecting is easy and fast so you can immerse yourself in your favorite content.

Multiple Content Sharing Options

Moon's internal 32GB of flash storage can store your 3D and 2D movies, home and music videos, and movies from Royole Lounge. Easily access your content using Moon's HDMI and USB to connect to Blu-ray players, phones, USB drives, gaming consoles, and more.

Royole Flexible Electronic Technology For Intuitive Control

In an immersive environment, your personal mobile theaters controls should be easily accessible at all times. Moon's right earpad incorporates Royole's proprietary flexible sensor technology to offer more sensitive and precise touch control.

Powerful and Flexible Moon OS

To truly create a full theater experience on the go, a complete operating system was designed specifically for the Moon. This full-fledged OS allows you to search through your personal content, browse the internet or change settings.

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